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What is a Toolchain?

A toolchain is collection of softwares that helps in converting High Level Language like C/C++, ADA, Pascal to machine level code that can be executed by the micro-processor/micro-controller. 

The various components of a toolchain are:-

  1. Compiler
  2. Assembler
  3. Linker

Types of Toolchain

  1. Native Toolchain
  2. Cross Toolchain
  3. Canadian Toolchain

There are various free and open-source cross-toolchains available for a variety of micro-controllers:-


The cross-toolchain for the class of 8/16 bit HARVARD architecture micro-controllers like 8x51, Z80 etc is the SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) The cross-toolchain for AVR class of micro-processors is AVR-GCC
The cross-toolchain for ARM architecture is mainly provided by ARM-GCC but there are various versions of it.
There are various ways in which we can get and install a cross compile toolchain for ARM based out of the x86 platform.

CodeSourcery Fedora Crosstool-ng Linaro Building your own toolchain

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